Saturday, May 14, 2016

BRIDGE: Sweet Creek bridge is closed

I simply had to investigate when I read a PennDOT press release saying that the Green Valley Road bridge over "the west branch of the Brandywine Creek" had been shut down due to structural damage.
Mostly because to my knowledge, Green Valley Road doesn't actually cross the Brandywine.
Well, it doesn't. We drove up there on Saturday afternoon and found that the bridge in question crosses a tiny tributary called Sweet Creek. The bridge is so small that it couldn't accommodate any kind of an antisocial troll underneath; in fact, a Newlin Township groundhog would be a tight fit.
PennDOT has installed "Road Closed" signs at the bridge, but they were pushed out of the way when we drove through. The official detour takes you along Powell Road and Brandywine Creek Road.
PennDOT says the steel beams under the bridge have deteriorated, and it will remain closed until they can decide what to do with it.

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