Friday, May 13, 2016

LIBRARY: The front-porch library is no more

"Faithful Reader Barbara" wrote to me in distress after discovering that Unionville's "Little Free Library" on Route 82 is no longer in existence. I told her that alas, Shanyn Fiske, the library's founder, moved into Kennett at the end of April. Barbara writes:
"I have been using the front porch library since your inclusion of the info in your 'news.'  I was just there 2 weeks ago to swap books and happened to drive by on Sunday, May 8. The front porch is completely cleared of cabinets and chairs. What has happened?  I have 10 books to return. Can you explore this? Is she gone or can I leave the books on the porch? It was so enjoyable to explore authors and books I normally would not have read.  Sorry to see it gone."
Perhaps Shanyn, who is an English professor, might start a library at her new house?

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