Sunday, August 7, 2016

HOSPITAL: Extraordinary people

One of the senior Tally-hos spent some time recuperating in Chester County Hospital this week, and without regard to pay grade, everyone we encountered there was kind, helpful, patient, professional, genuine, competent and compassionate.
The custodian discussed why she liked her particular dust mop. The physician's assistant scheduled appointments to accommodate my parents' travel plans. The nurses were so kind and -- how can I say this without sounding hokey? -- present and concerned with the patient as an individual, not just a diagnosis. The first person we encountered in the ER said, with immense compassion, "Let's get you a wheelchair." The people who wheeled our patient around to various parts of the hospital for tests (did I mention how thorough the workup was?) were soothing and incredibly strong but gentle as they helped the patient stand and sit. The physician answered my many questions patiently and clearly. And absolutely everyone knocked on the room door before entering and introduced themselves and their purpose for being there.
It seemed to be a team that functioned extraordinarily well. As I overheard one ER nurse say to another, "Can I help you with that, or are you OK?"  
By the way: that large structure they're building in the hospital parking lot is a parking garage. During construction, the hospital is running a shuttle bus for employees back and forth to the nearby Lasko Products parking lot.

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