Thursday, August 11, 2016

WAWA: Avondale is a pilot store

While buying a peach mango smoothie the other day at the Avondale Wawa, I learned that the store is the test site for a new check-out system. Usually at Wawa you order your food using a touchscreen, take your receipt to the cashier, pay, and then present your slip with "paid" stamped on it when they call out your order number.
No more. With this new system, the fact that you paid is automatically transmitted to the person responsible for making your sub or smoothie before he or she even starts preparing it.
One of the clerks told me the new system is designed to prevent sandwiches from "walking out the door," as he put it. He was very proud his store was chosen to pilot the program.
Coincidentally, while I was waiting a clerk came around with a platter full of smoothie samples. The woman next to me tried one: "Needs rum," she commented.

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