Saturday, August 20, 2016

KENNETT: Who was Anson B. Nixon?

I frequently write in this column about the events going on at Anson
B. Nixon Park, but who exactly WAS Anson B. Nixon? For an answer I turned to my friend Eva Verplanck, who has been involved in running the park for many years. Her response:
"ABN was a long-time resident of Kennett Township and Chairman of Hercules. He was a Kennett Township Supervisor and then chair of the Regional Landfill Authority (forerunner of SECCRA), where the ball fields now are). His dream was to create a park on the landfill site and some adjacent properties. His daughter Nicky Ellis was on the original group planning the park and his children established the fund at the Community Foundation."
Thank you, Eva! I wonder if it might be a worthwhile project to install a plaque at the park giving some basic biographical information about him.

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