Friday, August 19, 2016

SUMMER: Climate change

The other day I remarked to a young friend that the recent heat wave was unpleasant, for sure, but at least my house has air conditioning.
She looked at me as if I had said "but at least I have indoor plumbing." 
The thing is, air conditioning is fairly recent. Look at the old photographs of streetscapes and you'll see signs advertising that this bar or that movie theater was air conditioned, like it was a novelty. A lot of us in the over-50 age bracket grew up without it and still regard it as something of a luxury that should be appreciated.
At dinner the other night my family members were recalling how my mother thought it was foolish to put in A/C when it was only really hot a few nights a year. I should add that my mother is now a huge fan (as it were) of A/C. People CAN change!

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