Sunday, August 14, 2016

PROTEST: Is a murder-mystery insenstive?

"Murder is not entertainment," read the bumper sticker on a car I saw on Saturday.
Well, of course not! I thought, puzzled by what seemed like something that's starkly obvious. So I looked up the slogan and found that it is part of a campaign by the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children to persuade people that "murder mystery" events are offensive and desensitize the public to the anguish that murder actually causes.
According to POMC's website, this past April the group protested a murder mystery dinner called "Murder at the Malt Shop" at St. Timothy's Lutheran Church in Aston, PA. POMC executive director Dan Levey wrote a protest letter to the church "requesting the dinner show be cancelled or at minimum an apology be issued to all those who have lost loved ones to murder."
The national group held its 30th annual conference in Orlando, Florida, on July 21- July 24, 2016. I couldn't tell if the venue was selected before or after the June 12 massacre.

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