Saturday, December 17, 2016

FELINE: An update on Clarence

One of the highlights of this year in my household has been watching Clarence, our rescue cat, come out his shell.
When Clarence arrived at the SPCA in West Chester, he was a starving and filthy stray. We adopted him on Oct. 23, and for the first several weeks he focused on getting his strength back: eating, drinking and sleeping. Now that the nine-year-old tabby is up to 11 lbs, he is starting to behave more like a typical cat.
He's gotten fussy about what he eats, ignoring any flavor of canned food except for Purina Classic Seafood Entrée (pate style, thank you) -- for this week, at least. He ignores the expensive organic treats I bought him from Wegman's.
Initially he showed no interest in cat toys. Then, a few weeks ago, I put a stuffed mouse next to him on the easy chair in my office where he likes to sleep. A moment later I heard a thump: he had knocked it to the floor. I returned it to the chair, and not only did he knock it off again but he jumped down after it and started batting it around with his paws. I was beyond thrilled.
One thing has not changed, though, and that is his sweet, affectionate nature. He purrs pretty much nonstop and loves to cuddle with his minders.

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