Monday, December 12, 2016

UNIONVILLE: An after-dinner surprise

On Sunday afternoon I was chatting on the phone to the senior Tally-hos, who (wisely) have retreated to their southern quarters for the winter. I mentioned that we'd be having dinner that evening with some family members at Hood's, a family favorite. 
So the five of us had a delicious dinner, and after the plates were cleared, our waiter came over and announced that there was no bill; our meals (and his tip) had already been paid for! We were astonished and delighted.
Of course, Mum and Dad were our benefactors. They had phoned Larry Hood Sr. from down south and arranged to pick up our dinner tab! (Larry kept an admirable poker face throughout dinner so as not to spoil the surprise.)
Thank you from all of us to these kind and most generous parents. 

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