Saturday, December 17, 2016

HILLENDALE: PTO election lawsuit is refiled

Hillendale Elementary School parent Kathleen Carmody has refiled her lawsuit against school principal Steve Dissinger and PTO co-president Jennifer Scattolino, accusing them of rigging a PTO election that she lost.
In late November, Court of Common Pleas Judge Mark Tunnell dismissed the original suit, telling Mrs. Carmody that any amended complaint would have to be in the form of a derivative suit as a member of the PTO. In her new suit, Mrs. Carmody (who is an attorney) states that she represents all members of the PTO.
She wants a new election to be held.
Hillendale parents, already outraged by the original lawsuit, are circulating a petition at the school saying that Mrs. Carmody's actions "in no way represent our interests."
"I am not with her. I do not agree with her at all. And I will not let her speak for me or my family," said Hillendale parent Janette Hartney Grieb in an accompanying letter.
Al Iacocca, the attorney representing the PTO and Mrs. Scattolino, said when the lawsuit was first dismissed that Mrs. Carmody was trying to "bully her way back onto" the PTO board and said her motivation was "sour grapes."  
After she refiled, the school board's reaction was: "The Board maintains its position that this is, and continues to be, a frivolous and meritless lawsuit, as well as a huge waste of time and resources."

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