Saturday, March 11, 2017

CAT: A feline smorgasbord

Now that Clarence the Amazing Wonderful Miracle Rescue Cat has gained back the weight he lost when he was a stray, he is becoming more cat-like in his food preferences. Though he is always happy to see kibble (Purina Fancy Feast Filet Mignon Flavor With Real Seafood & Shrimp) in his dish, his taste in canned food is inscrutable; I am constantly trying new products.
Last night we were in the pet aisle in the Giant, which features a bewildering array of manufacturers and brands, even several "organic" and "lite" lines (diet food for cats ... groove on that for a minute). Cans with a "Gravy Lovers" label seemed like they would appeal to Clarence, as did pouches of "decadent" broth.
As I fretted, Minder #2 looked on with amusement, calculating that the per-pound cost of some special "hand-flaked tuna" would be about $57. He noted that in his household, the dogs eat what he puts in front of them or go hungry, and hinted that Clarence may be slightly (read: extraordinarily) spoiled.
"Yes," I agreed, "but we're so lucky to have him!"
"That cat," he said darkly, "has a darn good gig."

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