Sunday, March 5, 2017

WORKING: On the sales floor

On Saturday evening we were running some errands at a "big box" store and a sales clerk, an older gentleman, came up and asked us if we needed any help. He offered some good advice that allowed us to avoid an unnecessary purchase, and we joked that we wouldn't tell his boss.
He snorted, saying he wasn't entirely sure who his boss actually was these days; it seems there had been some major reshuffling in the chain's management structure.
It was slow in the store, so we struck up a conversation. He explained that he likes to keep busy, and this is one of two post-retirement jobs that he has. He said the store is woefully short-staffed and has difficulty finding quality workers. He used as an example a young colleague who is temporarily off on worker's comp. Our friend saw little difference in the amount of work that got done whether the youth was able-bodied or out on disability.

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