Saturday, March 11, 2017

MEDICARE: Keep track of your bills

A Unionville reader wrote to me about her recent dispute with Medicare, which denied payment for her husband's ambulance trip from the cardiologist's office to the ER. The bill was nearly $1,000.
"Of course, we appealed their decision--there are 5 levels of appeal. The third step of the appeal process is a teleconference with an administrative law judge. He was very helpful & ruled in our favor," she said.
"I am telling you our story because more people should be aware of this situation. I'm sure many people grumble and just pay the bill," she wrote. "Medicare recipients need to be careful if an ambulance is ever called for them."I asked her how her husband is doing, and she said he was fine and was in fact, at that moment, stripping wallpaper from the bathroom walls. 

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