Sunday, April 30, 2017

EAST MARLBOROUGH: Activity at the Superfresh

We did a double-take on Sunday evening when we saw that the parking lot in front of the former Superfresh store on Baltimore Pike was full of cars. Since the supermarket shut down, that entire side of the parking lot is usually empty.
So naturally we drove over to see what was going on, and it turns out that it was a car meet sponsored by Nex Gen Motors, a group of local automotive enthusiasts who get together every other Sunday. Dozens of gleaming, souped-up cars were on display, some with their hoods raised so that admirers could inspect the engines. Mostly men, with a few women and kids, were socializing and looking at the cars.
Other car enthusiasts, however, were more interested in function than form: many drivers were showing off their cars' acceleration, peeling out of the parking lot with high-revving engines and squealing tires.
When I got home I checked out the club's Facebook page, and they describe themselves as "a car club that promotes RideRespect, in which our philosophy is based on the idea of respecting your vehicle as well as the ones around you."

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