Sunday, April 30, 2017

TRACK: The Unionville Invitational

We stopped by the Unionville Invitational track meet on Saturday to support the Young Relative and were amazed at the dozens of schools represented, from Lower Merion to Dock Mennonite to the "Valleys" (Great, Garnet, Sun, and Twin) and the private schools in Delaware.
It was quite warm on Saturday, and I'll bet there were some sunburnt fans the next morning. It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was shivering under a drop cloth at the same venue!
Track-meet veterans know to bring portable seat cushions, because those metal bleachers get mighty uncomfortable after a while. A few minutes after we got there, a man chose a seat two rows down from us and pulled out his trusty foam sit-upon.
"Oh," I groaned to my companions. "I forgot my seat cushion!"
The newcomer didn't miss a beat.
"I'll rent you mine," he said, turning toward me. "Very reasonable!"
(As it turns out, a few minutes later his son brought him an actual bed pillow to sit on, so I did get to use his cushion after all.)
We got a chuckle when the PA guy announced the makes and tag numbers of four vehicles that were blocking key parts of the roadway: two of them were Mercedes SUVs.

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