Wednesday, October 25, 2017

GUN CONTROL: Let's avoid stereotypes

An invitation to a Gun Sense Chester County meeting in Oxford came across my desk the other day. It gave the time and place and stated the group's purpose: "This is an educational event on the current status of gun legislation. We invite gun owners and non-gun owners to come, listen and engage in thoughtful dialogue, because we as a group feel that common ground is the solution to reducing gun violence."
Then came what I found to be a jarring and ambiguous sentence: "There is a likelihood that in this particular venue that there may be some NRA members, and we hope the dialogue remains respectful."
I was reminded of a never-more-timely quotation from "Faith and Practice," the Quaker book of wisdom: "Much of the misunderstanding, fear, and hatred in the world stems from the common tendency to see ... groups as blocs, forgetting the varied and precious individuals who compose them." 

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