Saturday, November 4, 2017

HERSHEY: A race in Chocolate Town

We spent Saturday in Hershey at the PIAA cross-country championship, and I'm happy to report that the amazing Unionville High School girls' XC team took sixth place in the entire state!
The girls' team comprised Madison McGovern, Marcella Krautzel, Hallie Weaver, Josie Cicchino, Katelyn McGovern, Meghan Smith, and Gemma Krautzel. The girls' times for the 3.1-mile course averaged 20 minutes 6 seconds. The notoriously tough course ends with a brutally steep hill that must have been excruciating for already exhausted legs and lungs.
Before the race we walked around the team tent area. Some of the teams had decorated their tents with enlarged photos of the athletes' heads, and we were amused to see that one team honored its star runner by mounting his cardboard head on a pike! Didn't that used to be the fate of executed traitors?
Naturally, chocolate plays a key role in the town: the banners in the huge parking lot sported the names of Hershey candy bars; the lamp posts were decorated with Kisses; we drove past the Chocolate Workers Union Hall (a historical plaque commemorates their sit-down strike); and we chuckled at a billboard advertising the Cocoa Counseling Center.
After the meet, I asked Google Maps to find us a restaurant near Elizabethtown and it suggested Martin's Country Kitchen, Home of Randy Lee's BBQ, right on Route 743. Great choice! We cleaned our plates and didn't need another meal the rest of the day.

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