Sunday, July 27, 2014

Music at Hans Herr

In addition to the Anson B. Nixon concerts on Wednesday nights, my live-music-loving companion and I have been heading out to the historic Hans Herr House in Willow Street, Lancaster County, every other Saturday for their series of summer concerts. It has been interesting to watch the progress of nature throughout the season. During the first concert, it was chilly and windy and I remember being very glad I wore jeans.
At this past Saturday's show, the performers were talking about the "blazing sun" shining directly in their eyes (it's a west-facing stage), and apologized for wearing sunglasses and not being able to make eye contact with the crowd. One of them used his water bottle as an impromptu prop in a Scottish drinking song.
The concerts are held in the historic site's apple orchard, and the maturing fruit is pulling down the branches. A seat with a great view on one Saturday may be an "obstructed view" one at the next concert.
The tobacco in the Lancaster County fields is getting bigger, and the stands along Strasburg Road now offer freshly picked tomatoes, beets and flowers for sale.
The final concert of the summer is on Saturday, Aug. 9, starting at 6 p.m. For only $5 admission, it's a great deal.

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