Friday, August 1, 2014

Rolling Thunder

The Rolling Thunder Blues Revue played a wonderful show at Anson Nixon Park on July 30. I know two of the band members, Rob Mastrippolito and Biff McNeil, and it was a thrill to see these "regular working guys" up there on stage in front of the crowd, playing guitar and sax and singing up a storm. So talented! (I should mention the rest of the band, too: Paul Wilkinson on guitar and Tim Celfo on bass, joined for the evening by Glenn Ferricone on drums.)
We've been to every show in this summer's series of Wednesday concerts and we've come to know the regulars: the friendly guy who walks his two border collies; the group of cute little kids running around and dancing; the people who don't clap, ever; the husband and wife who sit front and center at every show; and the lively downtown Kennett contingent.
As I was leaving I struck up a conversation with the people in the car next to mine as they were loading their kids into the back seat. They said it was their first concert at the park, and they were delighted at how relaxed and family-friendly it was. They asked me what the next show was and said they were definitely coming back.
Despite the band's name, the weather was beautiful. I was telling my companion I remembered sitting at last summer's concerts sweltering in the heat and humidity.

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