Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not the comfy chair!

I read with interest Kennett Square borough council's intentions to fine borough residents who use any "indoor" furniture on their porches, decks or yards; council believes that it is unsightly and could be a public safety hazard in terms of harboring lice, insects and other vermin.
I took a quick drive through the downtown area on Sunday afternoon peering at people's front porches and saw a few clear violators (big sofas); many pieces of furniture I assume would be in compliance (wicker sets, wooden benches, wooden rocking chairs, and plastic chairs); and some questionable cases: Are folding metal chairs acceptable? Card tables? What about those plastic chairs with metal legs found in spartan waiting rooms?
And I couldn't help but notice that the Wall Street Journal ran two somewhat applicable stories on the first page of its real-estate section on July 25. One, written by Amy Gamerman, was about the resurgence of porches and how they can strengthen neighborhood camaraderie: "The porch is making a comeback as an outdoor room for dining, lounging and connecting with neighbors." The accompanying photos showed all sorts of furniture, including wicker and wooden rocking chairs, sofas with wooden frames, Adirondack chairs, carpets, dining room tables and lounge chairs.
The other article, written by Alyssa Abkowitz, was about municipal rules in some Asian cities that restrict what kind and size of pets you can own, whether you can have a BBQ, and when you can play music. In one anecdote, a woman said an inspector came into her house searching for any standing water (a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes) and told her to pitch a vase of anniversary flowers.

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