Friday, August 26, 2016

KFC: Herbs and spices and kindness

A local woman named Tracy shared this lovely story about "an unbelievably good experience" she had at the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant on West Cypress Street in Kennett on Aug. 21. She writes:
"I have had a long week...and with no food in the house and 3 guys at home trying to do a truck repair all day, nobody had time to grocery shop while I was out today. Empty cupboards, stressed-out men, and a 6-year-old child with a friend who needed to be driven home all culminated in a trip to the Kennett Square KFC for a bucket of fried chicken.
"Unfortunately, after placing my rather large order I realized I had NO form of payment. No credit/debit card or cash. I quickly drove to the pick-up window and told the employee that I would need to cancel my order and why.
"After a few minutes she came back and told me that the manager had paid for my order and to enjoy my night.
"Wait. What? Seriously...THAT. JUST. HAPPENED. KFC on West Cypress Street. Thank you!"

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