Friday, August 26, 2016

TRACK: UHS cross-country

The Young Relative started his UHS running career on Aug. 25 at the Bayard Rustin High School in West Chester. The brand-new cross-country course takes the runners all over the sprawling campus in a loop that they ran twice. The Tally-ho family support crew -- as usual, five strong -- got a great view of the competitors as they ran across a distant hilltop, emerged from the woods and scaled a steep, long bank that looked like it belonged in the Plantation Field equestrian competition.
"Wow, I want to try that hill," I remarked idly.
"So go ahead!" replied my brother, a certain note of challenge in his voice. 
At that point I was very glad I had chosen to wear sandals instead of sneakers.
"Some other time," I said. "Definitely. For sure."
The Y.R. is now competing against some very fast youths who are seniors, which means that all of us have to shift our attitudes a bit. For one thing, we got used to the locations of all the middle-school track sites; now we have to learn where the high-school competitions are!

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