Friday, August 26, 2016

OLYMPIANS: Rails, ales and medals

The amazing Olympic gold medal winner Cierra Runge made a stop at The Whip here in West Marlborough the evening of Aug. 22 after visiting the Jennersville YMCA, where she started her swimming career.
I wasn't at The Whip that night, but the photographs are funny: the Cochranville native is six-foot-four and towers over everyone. I don't realize how tall she is because I usually see her next to her similarly tall teammates.
The following night I ran into Chester County Fire Marshal John Weer, who met her at The Whip, and he said she was great fun and happily posed for photos with her gold medal.
"What's funny is that Boyd Martin was having dinner there and just left before she showed up!" he said. (Boyd Martin, of course, is a local Olympian equestrian who was also on Team USA in Rio.)

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