Sunday, August 21, 2016

SPEAKMAN: The timbers return

It has been fascinating to watch the progress on the Speakman #1 Covered Bridge over the Buck Run near the West Marlborough/East Fallowfield Township border. As part of a state project, the bridge, closed for years after it was seriously damaged by a truck, was carefully dismantled in December. The timber trusses and other structural timbers were taken to the warehouse of Lancaster County Timber Frame (LCTF) for rehabilitation.
The old abutments were removed and new ones, concrete with stone on the exterior, were built. Steel beams were installed on top of them to serve as the base for the bridge.
The refurbished timbers are now being re-installed. You can see the original graffiti on the timbers and the small red tags that the craftsmen used to label the exact placement of each timber.
It's going to look beautiful, and I'm sure the long-inconvenienced residents of Frog Hollow Road will not miss their daily trips north to Strasburg Road.
The partially reconstructed Speakman #1 Bridge, looking north.

The temporary diagonal timbers are supporting the sides of the bridge. Note the steel beams that span the creek.

View from the west side of the bridge.

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