Sunday, September 4, 2016

BRANDYWINE: A day on the river

We spent Saturday afternoon tubing on the Brandywine, floating, paddling and wading from Embreeville to Northbrook. Our choice of day was perhaps not the best -- the water level was very low and the creek was so slow that what is normally a two-hour trip took almost four hours. Even so, it was a glorious day to be outside in the sun.
We used the services of Northbrook Canoe Co. this time instead of relying on a friend's ramshackle pickup truck to take us to the launching spot. The Northbrook people were marvelous. Even though it was a very busy day for them  -- there were dozens of customers waiting to set out in tubes, canoes and kayaks -- the employees handled everything safely, efficiently and with good humor. Even the guys loading tubes into the truck were pros and seemed to take pride in how precisely and quickly they tossed, caught and stacked the tubes.

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