Sunday, September 4, 2016

EAST MARLBOROUGH: Help "the bunny people" get back on their feet

You probably heard about, or saw, the serious house and garage fire at Route 926 and Schoolhouse Lane the afternoon of Sept. 2. It's the house that used to have the amusing large rabbit statue out by the road.
The residents, Officer Robert Detweiler of the West Whiteland Township Police Department and his family, are looking for temporary housing, and West Whiteland is collecting money and gift cards to help the family rebuild. The address is Joseph M. Catov Jr., Chief of Police, West Whiteland Police Department, 101 Commerce Drive, Exton PA 19341. (I'm making my check out to Robert Detweiler and mailing it to the chief.)


  1. If I gave them a nickel for every time I smiled at that rabbit as I drove by, I'd be broke! But a check is going in the mail Tuesday. Thanks for passing along this news.

  2. P.S. Is the check to be made out to Robert Detweiler or to Chief Catov?