Friday, September 9, 2016

WEST MARLBOROUGH: Dividing Doe Run Village

The September meeting of the West Marlborough supervisors focused mostly on the future of Doe Run Village at Route 82 and Wilson Road. Nancy Truitt, who lives on and owns the 15-acre property with her mother, Ruth, submitted a plan to the township in which the village would be split into individual parcels, one for each house and one larger building lot. A homeowners' association of some sort would be responsible for maintaining the common water and sewer systems.
Nancy Truitt said she believes that dividing up the village would be the best way to keep it well maintained, which she said is her family's overriding goal.
The township is considering zoning the village as a "historic district" so the owner won't need to seek zoning relief for everything that doesn't meet the current zoning code, like lot size and setbacks.
The village, which was entered onto the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, is of particular importance to the West Marlborough supervisors because the township rents its office, meeting and garage space there from the Truitts. (According to Thomas E. Martin Jr.'s invaluable 1985 monograph "Brief History of West Marlborough Township," the supervisors formerly met in home of the supervisor who served as the township secretary.)

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