Friday, October 7, 2016

JENNERSVILLE: Two Stones Pub has opened

As it happens, I was in the Jennersville shopping center on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday evenings last week, and it was hard to miss the fact that the whole western side of the parking lot was jammed. The reason: Two Stones Pub has opened.
On Wednesday at dinnertime I was waiting in the lobby of Mi Cocina Mexicana, which is next door to Two Stones, and to amuse myself I asked one of my fellow patrons, a preschool girl, what her doll's name was. She grinned impishly and refused to tell me, so I started guessing. After every wrong guess, she shook her head vigorously, and I could just imagine that this was providing further proof for her (if any were needed) that grownups are completely insane.
After about two dozen wrong guesses, her mother took pity on me and told me the doll was named "Poppy." I would never have guessed that.

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