Wednesday, October 5, 2016

WEST MARLBOROUGH: A township lawsuit against the Whip?

The West Marlborough supervisors have put The Whip on notice that if the tavern doesn't act promptly to curb its patrons' illegal parking in Springdell village, the township will file a "public nuisance" lawsuit.
The latest development in the years-long friction over parking problems between the township and the popular tavern occurred at the township's Oct. 4 meeting.
"There continues to be illegal parking" near the Whip, said township supervisor Bill Wylie, and although the Whip owners have said they will try to resolve the problem, "we're not seeing a lot of evidence" that they are doing so.
"We don't want to perpetuate an unsafe situation," he said.
Supervisor Jake Chalfin agreed, saying that the township has had a lawsuit ready to file since May but the board has repeatedly delayed any action to give the Whip more time to work on the problem. However, he said, "We're not getting what we've been looking for."

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