Friday, October 7, 2016

KENNETT: A pet lover and a Good Samaritan

On the afternoon of Oct. 4, a "Unionville in the News" reader was sitting in the waiting room at Thomas Auto, 110 Old Kennett Rd., when suddenly she heard "a horrible boom-crash-crack": an eighteen-wheeler had crashed into a utility pole, downing several poles, pulling down wires, damaging several vehicles and causing a widespread power outage. 
What was she going to do? Her car was stuck up on the lift. With two new knees and a hip that's going to be replaced presently, she couldn't walk any distance.
Enter Terry Kendall of Terry Lynn's Critters, the pen-free pet-boarding place next door. She spotted my reader standing outside the repair shop and saved the day by offering her a ride home.
"The kindness of strangers!" said my grateful reader.

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  1. What fun to see "presently" used in its original sense!