Thursday, October 6, 2016

YOGURT: A dearth of Plenti

A delicious type of yogurt by Yoplait called "Plenti" showed up earlier this year on the shelves of the Giant supermarket. It's a type of fruity Greek yogurt with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds mixed in, and I love it. There's also a variety that contains more oatmeal.
Unfortunately, in recent weeks both types have utterly disappeared from the Giant.
While shopping the other morning I saw two dairy employees restocking the yogurt area and told them how much I missed Plenti. This was not news to them; in fact one young man said they'd heard three complaints about it that very morning.
When I mentioned that the only place I can find it is a competing supermarket, the employees winced.
If you're a Plenti fan, too, you're not alone. Why not mention it to the dairy staff? (A helpful reader suggests putting a note in the store suggestion box, too.)

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  1. Doesn't Giant have a feedback box? - I believe mine @Dilworthtown does.