Sunday, December 18, 2016

CHRISTMAS: A Boy Scout tree

Thanks to Boy Scout Troop 53 of Kennett Square, we have possibly the largest, fullest Christmas tree that has ever graced this home. We were late in our tree-shopping, waiting until Dec. 18, and by that time all of the smaller trees at the Scouts' sale in the Giant parking lot were long gone and only the $55 and $65 ones remained. 
The boys were helpful salesmen, pointing out several trees they thought we might like. When one youth lifted a tree off the rack for our inspection, we could see it was a winner and the sale was made. The boys made a fresh cut in the trunk, trimmed off some bottom branches and then wrangled the tree to our car.
The fathers who were supervising said ordering a sufficient number of trees of various sizes (they buy theirs from a tree farm in Gettysburg) is always a balancing act. It seems that if they order smaller trees, people want larger ones, and vice versa.
Anyway, it's a lovely tree, and I'm happy that our money went to the Scouts, always a very good cause. Time to start stringing popcorn and cranberries, a Tally-ho tradition!

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