Sunday, March 26, 2017

JIM HURST: A finger picking master

On Friday night we headed to Newark to hear Nashville bluegrass guitarist Jim Hurst in concert. Though he is an amazingly talented musician -- he said that just for fun he plays one song in a different key each night -- Jim is a humble and self-deprecating performer.
I enjoyed his between-songs musings. He talked about the power of music as a deterrent to and a distraction from political divisiveness. A former long-haul trucker, he said he used to bring his guitar with him and use the vibrations of his truck and the rhythmic sounds of the highway as musical inspiration. He also talked about the scary experience of "white line fever," when you realize you've driven across an entire state without being fully alert.
Jim performed a few songs about his deep Christian faith and, and I was surprised he felt it necessary to say he hoped they didn't offend anyone. He spoke about the ways in which being an entertainer and being a Christian sometimes conflict.
Most of the musicians we go to see sell their CDs at intermission, and Jim was no exception. Before the break he encouraged us to take a look at his wares, and he said that even financial advisors tell you that CDs should be part of your investment strategy.

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