Sunday, March 26, 2017

OPTOS: An improved eye exam

I've been wearing glasses since the fourth grade, so I've long been accustomed to going for my annual eye exam and getting my pupils dilated so they can examine your retina. It's a strange sensation, and you have to squint and wear sunglasses for several hours afterward because suddenly the sun seems to have gotten exponentially brighter.
No more! I went for my checkup on Monday with Dr. Renny Sardella in Willowdale, and he has a new type of high-tech camera, called the Optos Optomap, that takes a photo of your retina in a matter of seconds, with no need for dilating drops. The enlarged image, which immediately pops up on the computer screen, shows the optic nerve, the macula, and the blood vessels in great detail. It was fascinating to see.
It's such a benefit to have healthcare people who know their clients well and live locally. When I described a momentary phenomenon in my eye as resembling the surface of the water in Longwood Gardens' "Eye of Water," Renny knew exactly what I meant.

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