Thursday, April 20, 2017

GOOD-BYE: A life well lived

As a lot of you know, we lost one half of the senior Tally-hos on April 4, my Dear Old Dad. The support we have received from the community has warmed our hearts. It's amazing how many people knew and loved Dad, from the good folks at Hood's BBQ and the Last Chance Garage, to the kind mail-lady, to Dad's airport buddies and the people he worked with for so many years. 
We are hearing so many wonderful "Dad stories," but the one that we hear most often is Dad's standard reply to "How are you, Jack?" An enthusiastic "Better for seeing you!" was his apparently universal response.
I've even heard from several "Unionville in the News" readers who never met him in person but have told me they'll miss reading my little anecdotes about him. I'll miss writing them, too . . . and having him demand his (never-collected) $5 per item.
Thank you all -- readers, friends, neighbors, my Y family, Facebook friends -- for making this path a little easier, especially for my mother.

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