Thursday, April 20, 2017

MUDDER: Overcoming obstacles

In the next few weeks, you may see some unusual activity as you drive past Plantation Field on Route 82. That's because, for the second year in a row, the Tough Mudder competition is coming to Unionville, and it involves the construction of numerous obstacles that these thrill-seeking athletes must overcome. Last year it looked like a mini-village was taking shape at Plantation.
I was asked to join two separate Tough Mudder teams by my gym friends but did not hesitate to reply, "What are you, NUTS?!" 
One veteran Mudder admits she is worried about this year's new obstacles. For example, instead of just having to plunge into an ice bath (bad enough!), now you have to swim into it under a barrier; there's even a cage placed on top of the barrier so you can't cheat and clamber over it.  
Yet, go figure: otherwise sane people love this event, exclaiming about the challenge and the wonderful camaraderie, and are eager to pay for the privilege of getting wet, filthy, cold and bruised.
It all goes down May 20 and 21.

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