Sunday, April 16, 2017

TRACK: A big meet at Rustin

On Wednesday the Tally-ho clan (very sadly, minus our patriarch) headed to West Chester to watch the Young Relative and his UHS teammates compete in the Rustin Invitational track meet. It was a huge multi-school meet, with kids from everywhere from Oxford to Souderton to Germantown, but it was well managed, with only seconds of downtime between heats.
The YR and his teammate did extremely well in what ended up being a very fast race and were pleased with their performance.
In any case, it was a lovely warm day to sit in the bleachers and enjoy family time while watching the athletes. One youth was coming off the track toward the bleachers and, instead of walking around to the gate, simply hopped over the chain-link fence. He didn't need to run to gain momentum; he simply jumped over it, matter-of-factly, like a white-tailed deer, and cleared it by a considerable margin. His less ambitious friend held on to the top rail and clambered over.

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