Friday, May 26, 2017

AVONDALE: Informed consumers

The other night we stopped in at Perkins on Route 41 in Avondale for a quick dinner before doing some target shooting next door at TSS (so convenient!), and I was dismayed to find that Perkins has added calorie counts to the menu. All of my favorites clocked in at upwards of 800 calories. You want fries with that? That'll be 470 extra calories!
I ended up ordering a garden salad and a chicken-salad sandwich on half a roll, which I think totalled about 500 calories. 
My dinner companion, who works hard at his physical job and is thus not so constrained by numbers on a menu, ordered a thick, delicious-looking pork chop with broccoli and a baked potato. I stole his roll and ate it the next day.
I should add that although the food-lover in me is unhappy, the healthy side of me actually appreciates knowing the nutrition information. At least I can weigh whether that the chilly deliciousness of a small chocolate Frosty milkshake at Wendy's is really worth 340 calories, or a chewy, salty Wawa soft pretzel (paired with a large Diet Coke) is worth 320 calories. 
And speaking of new menus, La Pena Mexicana on West Cypress Street in Kennett Square has expanded its offerings as well. The Mexican restaurant remains a great bargain, with terrific food and a homey atmosphere. They were doing a great business, both takeout and in the restaurant, on Saturday night when we stopped in for dinner.

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