Sunday, May 21, 2017

OVERHEARD: I want specifics!

So I was driving down State Street on Friday evening, and as usual traffic was slow because there were so many people visiting downtown Kennett. I was stopped in the middle of the block, in front of La Verona, where every table on the sidewalk was filled with diners.
One woman was reading an email out loud to her female companion ... and to everyone else within earshot, including me in my vehicle.
Some kind of unpleasantness had transpired between the woman and the author of the email; at one point the author said it was "my prerogative" to behave the way he or she had. The author wrapped up by explaining that although the email was much longer than intended, he/she still felt that he/she had done nothing wrong and was not going to apologize.
I was really sorry when the light changed and I had to drive off. I wanted more details, and I am sure a lively discussion ensued, considering the rapt interest that the woman's friend was displaying.

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