Sunday, June 19, 2016

HONEY BROOK: A Fifties diner on Route 322

This week's dining adventure took us north to Honey Brook, which is so far away that it's hard to believe it's still within the Chester County limits. We'd heard good things about Wimpy & Dee's, a classic Fifties-style joint on Route 322, and we definitely were not disappointed.
Blessed with hearty appetites, we ordered hamburgers, and they turned out to be real, juicy, old-fashioned hamburgers, cooked to order, rather than the prefab meat-like discs that pass for burgers these days. They came with delicious sweet-potato fries.
My date ordered a double burger and it was so large that at first he faced logistical problems just managing to eat the thing. He confessed to the friendly young waitress that, not knowing it would be so big, he'd ordered a double because he was used to doing so at fast-food joints.
"Yep, that's what everybody does!" she exclaimed, nodding.
The place closes at 9 p.m. but even after the staff took the outside umbrellas inside, people were still arriving. As we left at about 8:30, a party of 13 young Mennonite people arrived and the staff didn't seem at all put out at having to move tables around to accommodate them.
As we were paying we told the cashier that we were first-time visitors, and she told us she approved of our first-time menu choices. Actually everything on the menu looked delicious. Next time I'm going for one of the milkshakes, served in those traditional metal cups (we could hear the whirring of the milkshake makers).

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