Wednesday, June 22, 2016

UNIONVILLE: A good place for a blaze

If I were to follow the lead of so many news outlets that use screaming, not-quite-the-whole-story headlines, I'd entitle this item "Book Burning in Unionville!"
Yes, books were indeed burned: cartons of used textbooks, that is, that were being discarded by the Unionville-Chadds Ford School District. From what I gather, they caught fire while they were in the recycling truck being hauled away. The truck driver, obviously a level-headed person, drove straight to the Po-Mar-Lin fire station and dumped the smoldering cartons in the west parking lot. A half-dozen volunteer firefighters showed up and extinguished the smoky blaze.
I happened to be driving by at lunchtime Tuesday, June 21, and spotted (and smelled) the commotion. Of course I stopped to take a photograph.
One firefighter friend told me he even saw a book in the pile entitled "How the White House Works."
The volunteer Po-Mar-Lin firefighters extinguish a large pile of discarded books at lunchtime June 21.

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