Monday, June 20, 2016


The other day I was chatting with a couple visiting from Hayward, California (in the Bay Area), and they were awestruck by the beauty of our area. "Verdant" is the word they used, and they also noticed how loud and distinct the birds' songs are. I agreed. The wrens in my backyard are especially merry season. They've been singing all day long and have built a second nest, this time in the bird feeder. The juveniles are very cute, with that unmistakeable cocked-up tail.
I've seen occasional hummingbirds at my feeder but not as frequently as in previous years. I'm keeping the feeder filled with fresh nectar anyway.
A few other nature notes: I had a great lettuce crop this spring but wretched luck with my spinach, and a friend reports exactly the same thing. Perhaps it had something to do with the odd spring weather. And for the first time ever, my peony bloomed! Before this spring, a few buds would develop but they'd wither away. Not this year: they opened up into beautiful huge pink flowers.

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