Wednesday, June 22, 2016

UNIONVILLE: Rescued dogs on parade

The rescued dog parade at Unionville's Plantation Field on Wednesday, June 22, part of the "Jumps for Rescues" horse show, attracted two dozen canines and their human companions. The dogs were led around a grassy spot near the ring (the footing in the ring itself is too hot for their paws), and awards were given for the youngest (Benjamin), the oldest (I didn't catch the dog's name, sorry), the biggest (Nanook), and the smallest dog (Taco; competition was steep in this latter category). There was also a prize for the dog rescued from farthest away (Ireland! The lurcher, Fly, belongs to the new Cheshire huntsman, Barry Magner). Proceeds from the horse show's entry fees went to dog rescue organizations. Kathleen Crompton was the organizer of the charming event.
I didn't bring a dog, but I did get to hold a sweet little papillon named Bella during the parade while her mother showed her two rescues. Bella came from a breeder so she didn't get to participate.

Some of the human and canine participants in the Rescued Dog Parade at Plantation Field.

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