Sunday, October 30, 2016

LONGWOOD: The end of Nightscape

We went to Nightscape, the summer light show at Longwood Gardens, on Oct. 26, just a few days before it ended. Like last year's version, the creators use the gardens as their palette for a very cool experience.
Although the lake part of the show was great (the lights make it look like the water is splashing up as the jumping fish land), the topiary garden was my favorite part of the display. The shrubs are transformed into wedding cakes, with something different going on at each tier, either rolling tribal graphics or pulsating periscopes. And the music for this part of the show is lively and rhythmic, unlike the trippy, meditative sounds in the rest of the displays.
Nightscape has been hugely popular. Because we waited until almost the last minute to visit, the gardens were jammed with visitors. The crowds were moving especially slowly because it seemed like everyone was stopping to take photos on their cellphones or tablets. There were so many people standing in front of what looks like a swirling porthole into another dimension (it's just a hedge in daylight) that I could barely see it. If Nightscape returns next summer, we will try to pick a less crowded night.

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