Saturday, November 5, 2016

ALL OVER TOWN: A little adventure

There is no such thing as a routine Saturday morning in Tilda's life.
We set out around 8:30 for the pancake breakfast at Masonic Lodge #475 in downtown Kennett Square. En route we saw two dear friends, already with their helmets on, driving their van to the Opening Day meet of their foxhunting club. We saw them only long enough to recognize them and wave, but we could tell how excited they were (they'd only been grooming horses and polishing tack for two full days).
At the breakfast, there was a good crowd, and I spotted my friends Lynn Sinclair, Blair Fleischmann, and East Marlborough supervisor Bob Weer and his family. The pancakes were great, as always, and the coffee -- with jugs of real milk! -- was top-notch. I was amused by the blue shirts that the breakfast staffers were wearing: forks and knives replaced the traditional square and compasses of the Masonic emblem.

After breakfast we checked out the re-routed Strasburg Road near Stargazer Road, where PennDOT is building a roundabout connecting Stargazer, Shadyside, and Romansville Roads at the site of the soon-to-be Stargazer Village development. The roadwork is pretty impressive. Even though it was Saturday, crews were removing the macadam from the now-abandoned part of Strasburg Road.
Then we headed down the newly reopened Frog Hollow Road to check out the renovated Speakman #1 Covered Bridge. A group of vintage car enthusiasts from the "Active A's" Region of the Model A Restorers Club had the same idea, forming a mini-parade of Model A's across the bridge as a group of bicyclists waved and took photos. 
After that my Saturday involved upgrading my computer memory and trying to avoid thinking about my soaring health insurance premium, neither of which, I am certain, you want to read about.

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