Saturday, November 5, 2016

CLARENCE: The new moggie

Several readers asked for an update on Clarence, the nine-year-old cat I had the good fortune to adopt from the SPCA in West Chester a few weeks ago.
He is settling in very nicely, thank you, and has already gained a pound and a half. He is fascinated by water, has distinct preferences in both dry and canned food, has located the sunniest spots in the house for napping, and has a low tolerance for an even slightly soiled litter box (he has a very effective way of communicating his distaste of same).
As a new and doting cat mom, I have purchased numerous treats and cat paraphernalia for him, but he completely ignores them. When I told her this, my friend Susan nodded knowledgeably and said it's further proof of her long-held rule about cats: the more money you spend on something for them, the less interest they'll show.

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