Sunday, October 30, 2016

WEST GROVE: A Quaker dance party

The benches had been pushed back, creating a large and welcoming space at West Grove Friends Meetinghouse.
But Alyce Denver, the meeting's clerk, was frankly a little nervous as the blues band Dukes of Destiny got ready to take the stage the evening of Saturday, Oct. 22.
"Do you think people are going to dance?" she asked me.
She needn't have worried. As soon as the Dukes started playing, people started dancing and they didn't stop until music did.
We saw lots of friends and had a great time at the concert, which was organized jointly by the West Grove and London Grove Quaker meetings. A few days after the show I spoke to Rebecca Mitchell, one of the organizers, and she told me that about 80 people showed up. I was glad to hear that they plan to ask the Dukes to return!

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