Friday, November 18, 2016

ELECTION: Time to take down those signs

Given the over-abundance of political signs along the roadsides during the campaign, the candidates, or their staffers, did a pretty good job of removing them promptly, but stragglers remain:
 -- Two Susan Rzucidlo signs and one Andy Dinniman sign at the intersection of Newark Road and Route 926 in West Marlborough Township
-- A Gary Johnson sign on Race Street near Cypress Street, and a Marty Molloy sign on North Union Street near Fairthorne Drive in Kennett Square borough
-- A Josh Shapiro sign and another Molloy sign on Baltimore Pike at McFarlan Road in Kennett Township
-- A David Cleary sign at the intersection of Baltimore Pike and the Route 1 bypass in Kennett Township
-- Three Jack London signs at the Chatham intersection in London Grove Township
-- Four Dinniman signs on Route 41 and Newark Road in New Garden Township
-- At least 20 Dinniman signs on Route 41 between the Wawa and Lowe's in London Grove Township
-- Orphan Rzucidlo signs on Route 842 near Oak Tree Road and on Route 162 by Scott Road, both in Newlin Township
One friend reports that she made it from Route 796 to Route 82 on the Route 1 bypass without seeing any political signs until she spotted several just before the Route 82 exit: "Roe, London, Rzucidlo and 'College Hunks.' Pretty sure they weren't running for office!"
Of course, some people are keeping signs posted in their own yards to indicate how they voted, and that's completely their right.

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