Friday, November 18, 2016

LOCKER ROOM: Parents and kids

Overheard in the Kennett Y locker room, as two swim-team kids were getting dressed:
Girl 1: "Do you ever come here to swim?"
Girl 2 (sounding confused): "You mean, swim? Like for fun?"
The mother of one girl then briefly stuck her head around the corner of the lockers and proclaimed, "This train is leaving in two minutes."
Girl 1 (exasperated): "She ALWAYS says that, `this train is leaving'! "
The woman next to me and I shared a knowing glance. We've reached the age when our parents' stock phrases become precious and endearing memories, like my father's "Four on the floor!" when we kids were wrecking chairs by balancing on the back legs, and my mother's timeless wisdom, "When you're 18 and paying the bills, you can do whatever you want. But until then ..."

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