Friday, November 18, 2016

GARDEN: Better later than never

This autumn's unseasonably warm weather has been a boon to those of us who have slacked off shamefully on our gardening responsibilities. Here it is mid-November and I'm just cutting down phlox and monkshood stalks and clearing lamium!
The upside of being a Garden Sluggard is that tulip bulbs were 25% off at Lowe's, and there was still a good selection. I can't say I've ever seen parrot tulips in the Lowe's gardening section before. And planting 165 bulbs in this afternoon's warm sun was a delight instead of the chilly, unpleasant task it usually is.
Similarly, some folks decided to take advantage of the warm weather to put their Christmas decorations up early. One took to social media to explain that she wasn't "rushing" the holiday, and promised not to turn on her lights until closer to Christmas, but just wanted to decorate in comfort. Understandable!

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